metallized yarn

Metallized Yarn

We are engaged in manufacturing high quality metallic yarn in various textures of viscous, polyester, and other. These are used in textile industry in knitting, suiting fabrics, weaving, embroidery, jeans, cotton fabrics, and in many other items. We offer a wide variety of metallic yarn that includes silver metallic, rayon metallic, and gold metallic yarn. These are available at market leading prices.

Metallic Yarn

We are one of the leading manufacturers of excellent quality coated polyester film. These are metallic yarn having high tensile strength and colorfastness and have been processed using pinhole free metallizing process virtue of which they provide high productivity at the time of micro slitting. These are used for weaving, knitting and embroidery. Coated polyester films are available in wide variety of colours and range such as coated film for metallic yarn, matt finish film, high slip film for glitter powder and tracing & drafting film.

M Type


For Weaving, Making Fancy Yarns, Ribbons and Woven Labels

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