Gaylords metallic yarns are superior in standard & made with excellent materials.

We manufacture best quality plain polyester film with distinctive properties such as uniform thickness, high clarity, extra gloss & superior strength.

We are manufacturing excellent quality sequins film, which are available in a variety of colours and shades. These are used in garment industry in making high fashion clothes to cut chain sequin computerized embroidery and in other industries. We offer sequins films in different micron thickness at market leading prices.

The material is manufactured using most modern production facility & unique techniques. We are the only Indian company which posseses brand new, world best Metallisers for yarn grade application manufactured by ULVAC INC, JAPAN. We have state of the art lacquering / laminating machines, slitting machines, hollow spindle machines besides moulding facility, dyes plant & resin plant.

Gaylords is the only company in India which produces even pure silver metallised film.

Besides pure silver metallising, we are also speciallised in flouracent colours, rainbow films / yarns, multicolours, chenill metallic yarn & all type of fancy colours with high gloss, bright effect and excellent feel.

All products undergoes strict quality control check up at every stage to ensure uniformity, stability & consistency.